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Legal Statement

1. Adherence to all laws and regulations in the countries in which BITIGL operates, and to the extent compatible with the state laws and regulations, BITIGL offers user with facilitated trading service.

2. User is forbidden to engage in money-laundering, smuggling and any other illegal trades. Once such conduct is confirmed, the user’s account will be frozen and submitted to public security authority.

3. The Website user will be solely liable for any breach of local laws by violating all terms of the Statement. The Website is exempt from any responsibility.

4. User access to the website (including visit and login, and the browse and use of the content), will be regarded as your voluntary commitment to accept this statement constraints.

5. For issues not mentioned in the present statement, please refer to the relevant state laws and regulations. Any conflict between the Statement and the state laws and regulations, the latter shall prevail.